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Dealing With Phishing & Next-Generation Malware (Part 2)
Author: Michael Osterman on April 15, 2015 - 10:31 PM
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This is a continuation of my last post focused on ways that decision makers can address problems with phishing and next-generation malware:


Establish detailed and thorough policies: Most organizations have not yet established sufficiently detailed and thorough policies for the various types of email, Web and social media tools that their IT departments have deployed or that they allow to be used. Consequently, we recommend that an early step for any organization should be the development of detailed and thorough policies that are focused on all of the tools that are or probably will be used in the foreseeable future. These policies should focus on legal, regulatory and other obligations to:


· Encrypt emails and other content if they contain sensitive or confidential data.


· Monitor all communication for malware that is sent to blogs, social media, and other venues.


· Control the use of personally owned devices that access corporate resources.


· Creating detailed and thorough policies will help decision makers not only to determine how and why each tool is being and should be used, but it also will help decision makers determine which capabilities can or cannot be migrated to cloud-based security solutions and which should be retained in-house.


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