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Some Thoughts on IBM Verse
Author: Michael Osterman on November 23, 2014 - 10:07 PM
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There are three ways to view yesterday’s announcement from IBM about Verse (née Mail Next):

1.       IBM is simply too late: Microsoft has the business email market sewn up with Exchange and Office 365 and is advancing on all fronts in the context of social, content management and cloud.

2.       IBM is making a big push into email at a time when email is passé and we’re all moving on to newer and better ways of communicating

3.       IBM is smart enough to know that email use is actually growing, but email users need a new paradigm, such as melding email with social and analytics that will make the email experience more effective and efficient.

I’m in the last camp. Our research shows that email use is growing and that it’s actually a more important communication medium for information workers today than it was just a year ago. Our research shows that email is the primary tool that individuals use to do their work, accounting for about 160 minutes of time spent during a typical workday. Email has become the de facto file transport system for most users, their contact manager, their task manager, and – in many cases – their personal archive. Finally, our research shows that email is still the most important single application in the new paradigm of mobility.

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