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Do We Suffer from Information Overload?
Author: Michael Osterman on May 27, 2015 - 9:50 PM
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Is “information overload” a problem in email? Yes:

· Brits (and, presumably, most every other information-focused worker) spend 36 days each work year composing emails[1].

· Seventy-two percent of email users experience “some”, “quite a bit” or “a great deal” of information overload in email according to a current study being conducted by Osterman Research. Plus, the survey is discovering that 50% of respondents are using email more than they were 12 months ago, and that only 3% are using it less.

Add to this the information overload we experience in other areas: in 2013, broadcast networks showed an average of 14 minutes 15 seconds of commercials during each of the five hours of television we watch each day[2]; cable networks showed 15 minutes 38 seconds[3]. Twenty-eight percent (1.72 hours) of all time spent online is focused on social media[4]. The average user sees 1,707 banner ads per month[5]. The typical mobile user spends 90 minutes per day on his or her phone[6].

Thoughts on Microsoft Ignite
Author: Michael Osterman on May 20, 2015 - 9:21 PM
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I attended Microsoft Ignite in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. Here are some miscellaneous ramblings and thoughts about the event:

· The event covered the variety of Microsoft’s technologies, and so was quite a comprehensive conference aimed at just about every aspect of what Microsoft does. As Brad Anderson, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Enterprise Client & Mobility put it, “this is the first time we’ve pulled together all of these different conferences into one place, one time, one meeting so you can get that full perspective.”

· The upside of integrating the various Microsoft focus areas into one conference is that it provides a useful and comprehensive perspective on where Microsoft is going in enterprise IT – a “one-stop shop” for IT decision makers. Those focused on Exchange can see what Microsoft is doing with Lync, for example, offering a more holistic view of how Microsoft is addressing communications and collaboration, and perhaps gaining a better perspective on the direction of the enterprise.

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