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There Really are Best Practices for File Sharing
Author: Michael Osterman on August 30, 2014 - 9:33 AM
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Information workers need to share files as part of their work and they do so regularly. File sharing is so common, in fact, that Osterman Research surveys have found that one in four emails contains an attachment, and 98% of the bits that flow through the typical email system are files that are being shared with others.

However, file-sharing practices today are fraught with excess cost and risk:

             Using email to share files results in a lack of control over how content is sent, how it is tracked, and how many copies are distributed throughout an organization. Moreover, email systems do not permit senders to control who has access to this content or for how long it can be accessed.

             Traditional FTP systems are inefficient and contribute to the potential for data leaks because users share passwords and content can be left on FTP servers indefinitely, many times for years.

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