Microsoft Software Update Glitches give Customers Headaches
Author: John Duckgeischel on August 17, 2014 - 10:37 PM
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Recent browser updates to Internet Explorer (IE) 7 to Internet Explorer 11 have made the IE browser run slow, exceptionally slow.  Aggravated users affected by the “conecutive modal dialog boxes” experienced non-responsive systems, where often times the users had to reboot their systems to make them operational.   Microsoft is aware that the problem can occur as it acknowledged that  web applications that use several model dialog boxes after downloading “MS14-051 or MS14-037” can experience problems where the PCs  actually freeze.  A reboot is recommended in this case. Microsoft has released a hotfix and asked Windows users not to install MS14-051 or MS14-037, if they have not done so.
Samsung Buys SmartThings For $200 Million
Author: John Duckgeischel on August 14, 2014 - 10:16 PM
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Samsung likes the future trends in the smart home market so much it made a move to heavily invest in that market when it made the decision to purchased SmartThings for $200 million. “From the beginning, our goal has been to make a platform every human being could use—and to make every home a smart home,” stated SmartThings cofounder and CEO Alex Hawkinson in a conference call today. “This will help us reach a massive scale. We saw an opportunity to bring SmartThing’s vision to hundreds of millions of customers.”
Cost Justifying an Archiving Solution
Author: Michael Osterman on August 13, 2014 - 10:09 PM
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There are a number of ways to justify the cost of an archiving solution. We have just published a new white paper in which we present three “before and after” scenarios that will cover a variety of scenarios for archiving and how they can help to reduce corporate costs. Here is one of the examples we included in the white paper.

End users sometimes delete content that they will need at a future date, such as word processing documents they have taken a considerable amount of time to write, an email with an important communication from a customer, or a presentation. Let’s again assume a 500-person organization and each employee needs to recover just one document each month. This results in a total of 6,000 documents that need to be recovered each year (500 employees x one document per month x 12 months). We will also conservatively assume that IT requires an average of only 15 minutes to recover each document from a backup tape.

Cisco to Cut 6000 Jobs during Reorganization
Author: John Duckgeischel on August 13, 2014 - 9:55 PM
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Cisco Systems said that over the next 12 months it will cut 6000 jobs as moves its focus to software, the cloud and security.  The company referenced the changes as reorganization rather than a net reduction in force. Cisco says it is trying to make room for areas such as security where specialized personnel are needed. “If we don’t have the courage to change, if we don’t lead the change, we will be left behind,” Chairman and CEO John Chambers stated on a conference call. During the conference call about the results for its 4th quarter of its fiscal year it said that revenue and profit were mostly flat compared with year earlier results.

Court Rejects Initial Deal in Silicon Valley Hiring Conspiracy
Author: John Duckgeischel on August 11, 2014 - 10:18 PM
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Citing “ample evidence” that top Silicon Valley employers were engaged in “an overarching conspiracy” involving its employees, Judge Lucy.H. Koh of the U.S. District Court in San Jose rejected a proposed $324 million settlement as insufficient.  The Judge’s decision makes it possible for secrets to be exposed from Apple, Google, Adobe and other top technology leaders that agreed not to hire away each other’s engineers at an upcoming trial. In April, the lawyers who represented 64,000 individuals in the class action suit had reached a tentative agreement with the defendants,  however the settlement would yield each member in the suit just $4000, after the plaintiff’s  lawyers received a 25 percent fee.

Google and Yahoo Unite to Encrypt Email
Author: John Duckgeischel on August 10, 2014 - 10:45 PM
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According to The Wall Street Journal  Google and Yahoo are teaming up to work on creating a PGP based encryption tool that will encrypt user messages but not the sender or receivers email or subject line. The PGP encryption method is seen as being very secure and it has not been cracked yet. It relies upon user encryption keys that are stored on tablets, laptops or smartphones rather than on traditional webmail services where companies store usernames and passwords. There will be a simple on/off button for consumers to turn on or off the encryption functionality. In November 2013 Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt characterized the spying that the NSA performs on data centers as “outrageous” and has condemned the NSA’s policy of pulling millions of records to find a few hundred records as “bad public policy” and “illegal”.
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