Google Brings Carpool Service to Israel
Author: John Duckgeischel on July 6, 2015 - 9:29 PM
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On Monday, Google said that it begin to test its new carpooling service in Israel.  The ride sharing service was developed in conjunction with social mapping company Waze that Google purchased in 2013 for $1 billion. Drivers using a smartphone app known as RideWith will facilitate the user locating and picking up passengers during peak commute hours, so they can share the expense of riding to work. “Carpooling can be a hassle and difficult to manage,” Waze blogged on Monday. “Waze has developed RideWith to serve Israeli commuters at their greatest time of need: rush hour. We hope to learn a lot from this pilot and will let you know how it goes.”
Greeks Say “No” to Referendum on Eurozone Austerity Measures
Author: John Duckgeischel on July 5, 2015 - 10:38 PM
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Sunday it quickly became apparent that the “No” forces had a decisive victory for the referendum regarding the terms of the European bailout offer.   Soon Greeks arrived in large numbers at Syntagma Square in Athens, which has been known for historic demonstrations in the past.  The celebration was accented by the sounds of cars honking horns and the banging of drums. Many bystanders wrapped themselves in Greek flags and with some singing traditional Greek protest songs as a response to the news that the European austerity measures were dead, if even for the moment. Many had expressed their feelings that Greece should no long endure the humiliation of endless demands from European leaders.

Poorly Designed Crypto Common among Software Developers
Author: John Duckgeischel on June 29, 2015 - 8:59 PM
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Even though encryption is recommended as the best deterrent to prevent security breaches lack of expertise of software developers has made implementation failures fairly common. A report last week by application security firm Veracode said that cryptographic issues are the 2nd most common flaw affecting applications across all industries. The report looked at static, dynamic and manual vulnerability of more than 200,000 commercial and self-developed applications used by corporations. Crypto issues were even more common than typical flaws such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting and directory traversal.  The majority of applications affected were web-based, however mobile apps accounted for a substantial percentage.
U.S Stages Space War Operations Center
Author: John Duckgeischel on June 25, 2015 - 10:24 PM
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Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work, speaking at the GEOINT symposium in Washington, said that the space center will be opened within six months. "(We) are going to develop the tactics, techniques, procedures, rules of the road that would allow us ... to fight the architecture and protect it while it's under attack. The ugly reality that we must now all face is that if an adversary were able to take space away from us, our ability to project decisive power across transoceanic distances and overmatch adversaries in theaters once we get there ... would be critically weakened," he commented.  It will augment space related defenses at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California.
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